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Other common Internet abbreviations


$: The dollar sign (or collection of dollar signs) is sometimes used imply the price range of the services offered/provided. E.g., $ = $100, $$ = $200, $$$ = $300 and so on. Often .5 signifies $50, so $$.5 would mean $250.


AJ: Anal Job/Jam (penetration of the arsehole)

Analingus: Ass eating/rimming (To lick & suck another’s anus)

AR: Arse/Anal Rimming (to lick someone else ass)

ASP: A Sexual Position

ASP: Adult Service Provider (someone who provides adult services for pay)

ATF: All Time Favourite (referring to the Client or Provider)

Autoroam: Hands touching/Fondling of the body

AV: Adult Video (porno films)

AV/AVS: Anti-Vice Squad (the section of our men-in-blue that regulates vice activities)


BB: Bukkake Blowjob (a facial Cum-Shower)

BBBJ: Bare Back Blow Job (A blowjob without a condom)

BBBJTC: Bare Back Blow Job To Completion (oral sex to orgasm)

BBBJTCWS: Bare Back Blow Job To Completion With Swallowing

BBW: Big Beautiful/Breasted Woman

BCD: Behind Closed Doors

BDSM: Bondage, Domination, Sadism, Masochism (basically your whips & chains stuff)

BF: Boy Friend

BJ: Blow Job (sucking of penis, usually means it’s done with a condom)

BM: Bitch-Master (pimp)

BM: Body Massage/Breast Massage

Boomz: “Something…you know…that personifies and shouts “ME” and is it all about “ME” (Ris Low, almost Ms Singapore World 2009)

BS: Bull Shit

BT: Big Tits

BT: Boy Toy

BTBM/B2BM: Body To Body Massage

Bukkake: facial cum shower


CBJ : Covered Blow Job (oral sex with a condom)

CD: Condom

CFM: Come Fuck Me (referring to girls with seductive looks)

CFS: Covered Full Service (Safe-Sex with a condom)

CIM: Come-In-Mouth (ejaculation of sperm into the mouth)

CMI: Cannot Make It

CO: Commanding Officer (refers to your mum for single man, wife for married man)

COB: Cum-On-Breasts (ejaculation of sperm onto breasts)

COF: Come-On-Face (ejaculation of sperm onto face)

Cowgirl: Girl-on-top sex position

Cum: semen

Cunt: Vagina

CV: Changi Village (north-eastern end of Singapore)


DATY: Dining-At-The-Y (“eating” a female out, with her legs spread – she is in the shape of a Y)

Deep Throat: A woman swallows the entire penis

DFM: Do For Me

Doggy Style: Sex position where man fucks woman/man from behind

DWM: Do With Me or Driving While Masturbating


EPL: Excellent Pussy Licker


FB: Fuck Buddy (a person with whom one is having casual sex with on a regular basis, but are not involved in a romantic relationship)

FF: Free Fuck

Fisting: The act of inserting one fist (and forearm) into a girls vagina

FJ: Foot Job (a foot job is when one gives masturbation to another with their feet)

FJ: Fuck/Full Job

FL: Freelancer (working lady not associated with any establishment or agent)

Flashing: Exposing body parts from under clothing to unsuspecting viewers/people

FMF: Female-Male-Female

FNS: Fish-Net Stockings

FR: Field Report


Gangbang: One or more women having sex with three or more men

GF: Girl Friend.

GFE: Girlfriend Experience (usually associated with lots of french-kissing and girlfriend-like attitude)

GL: Geylang (Singapore’s ‘legal’ red light district)

GND: Girl Next Door (a guy slang for a cute, sweet, innocent, young looking female)

GS: Golden Shower (urination on partner – female usually pees on male)


Happy Ending: Cumming/Ejaculation (HJ relief at the end of a massage or any type of sexual activity)

HC: Health Centre (massage parlours, where one can usually get more than a massage)

HJ: Hand Job (a stroking of the cock with the hand)


IMHO: In My Humble Opinion

IMO: In My Opinion


JG: Jua Gen (massage of the veins and tracts around the groin area – which may or may not end in a HJ (most do), also see section on Terminology below

Jizz: Another name for semen/cum/sperm

JJ: Jua Jin


KC: Kam Cheng

KJ: Karaoke Jockey

KNN: Kan-Nin-Nia (Hokkien dialect expletive)

KP: Kay-Po (busybody in dialect – Hokkien)

KPKB: Kao-Pei-Kao-Bu (literally means cry father cry mother in Hokkien dialect, used to describe a person who makes hell of noise when angry)

KS: Keong Saik (another of Singapore’s red light district – a one-way road located in Chinatown within the Outram Planning Area)

KTV: Karaoke TV (a karaoke joint, usually with ladies to accompany the customer)

KY: Brand name for genital lubricant/gel


LB: LadyBoy

LBFM: Little Brown Fucking Machine (Filipinas)

LOS: Land of Smiles (Thailand)

LOS: Lots of Smiles/Laughing Out Softly


MC: Monster Cock

MFM: Male-Female-Male

MILF: Mum I’d Like to Fuck (attractive/older/hot women with whom you wanna…)

Missionary position: Refers to the sex position where the man lays on top of the woman

MM: Mei Mei (young girl)

MP: Massage Parlour

MTW/M2W: Mild-To-Wild


NB: Na-Bey (Hokkien dialect expletive)

NBSTL: Neh-Bo-Simi-T0a-Liap (Small Breast)

NMNHNLM: No-Money-No-Honey-Nobody-Loves-Me

NNKC: Neh-Neh-Kor-Chee (Hokkien expletive)

NPNT: No Picture No Talk/No Proof No Talk

NQNS: Non Quitter Non Spitter (the provider term for guys who just never gets there or possibly refers to the provider who swallows CIM)


OC: Officer in Command (refers to your gf/mistress/spouse/etc)

OKT: Orh-Kui-Tao (hokkien slang meaning pimp/agent)

OL: Office Lady

ONS: One night stand

OSF: Old Sexy Fellow

OT: Orchard Towers (located on the corner of Claymore Road and Orchard Road)

OT: Over Time (time beyond an established limit, such as in working hours)

Outcall: The girl comes to your place (hotel or residence) for sex


P4P/PFP: Pay-For-Pleasure/Play (sex with a provider)

Painting: Giving cunnilingus (mouth to vagina)

PCC: Pak Chew Cheng (Hokkien slang meaning masturbate)

PDMM: Pei-Du-Ma-Ma (usually referring to the mature PRC ladies who live in Singapore with their kid(s) who are studying here)

PE: Penis Enlargement or Premature Ejaculation

Paedophilia: Sex involving an adult (>18) with a minor child (<18)

PHAT: Pretty Hot And Tasty

PL: Pussy Licking (Female equivalent of BJ) or Pussy Lover

PM: Private Message

PRC: People’s Republic of China (refers to ladies from China)

PTPP: Put-Time-Put-Place

PV: Private Viewing


QC: Quality Control


RAW: not wearing condom

Reverse Cowgirl: Girl on top sex position facing away from man

RLD: Red Light District (an area where Prostitution is tolerated and/or legal)

RQ: Race Queen

RQ: Random Questions

RTF: Return To Find

RTF: Return To Fuck (used to indicate if a person is willing to return to the same prostitute/service provider for another commercial sex deal)

RTF: Reverse Titty Fuck (Much like the normal titty fuck except the male is in a reverse position so his ass is now sitting on the face of his bitch)

Russian Massage: When a guy places his dick between the girls breasts and rubs/thrusts it back and forth imitating intercourse


SBF: Sammy Boy Forum

SG: Short Gun

SG: Singapore

SG: Street Girl

SOP: Standard Operating Procedure (military term) to describe standard service quality

STD: Sexually Transmitted Disease (including: Syphilis, Gonorrhoea, Chlamydia, Vaginal Warts, Herpes, and AIDS)

SW: Sex Worker/Street Walker

SYT: See You There /Tomorrow (an internet messaging term)

SYT: Sweet Young Thing (a young pretty girl)

SYWT: Sweet Young White Thing (refer to pretty young Ang-mo/Caucasian)


Tarma: Threesome (sex involving 3 people, also ménage à trois)

TCSS: Talk Cock Sing Song (to hang out together & engage in casual bantering)

TG: Thai Girl (be careful when using this as it means ‘transgender’ internationally!)

TKK: Tan-Ku-Ku (literally means wait long long in Hokkien dialect), also see WLL

TKK: Teng-Kok-Kok (Hokkien dialect mean hard erection)

TN: Tui Na (a type of Chinese body massage)

TNN: Teh-Neh-Neh (meaning breast groping in Hokkien dialect)

TS: Thread Starter

TS: Transsexual

TSM: Thai Style Massage


Voyeur: Someone who derives pleasure from observing others engaged in the-act-of-sex


WAH: From Wahei: peaceful, harmonious and calm (Japanese)

WAH: Wild Ass Humping

Weeklies: Alternative weekly newspapers. These often contain various adult service listings, including massage and escort advertisements. e.g. The Village Voice, San Francisco Bay Guardian, The Stranger.

WF: Wild Fuck

WG: Working girl. A prostitute.

White Knight: A poster who defends or “comes to the rescue” of a provider who has been reviewed poorly, regardless of whether the review is accurate.

Whor*monger: One who habitually patronizes prostitutes. See

With: With condom (e.g. French with = CBJ)

Without: Without condom. (e.g. French without = BBBJ)

WIR: Would I Repeat, Would I Return, Would I Recommend

WL: Working Lady

WOA: Word of Advice

Working girl: A prostitute.

WSW: White Street Walker

WTF: What the Fuck?

WYSIWYG: Pronounced “Wizzy Wig”. What You See Is What You Get. Computer Geek Speek.