🌻🌻f you really want to know me better – talk to me. I am sweet, friendly, understanding, VERY SENSUAL.🌻🌻


Name: DF.T
Age: 21 year
Stats: 35C’24’35
Height: 164 CM
Nationality: Thailand
Languages: English, Thai.

(CIM Come-In-Mouth)
$370/7hrs/3/ Overnight
(Inclusive Of Condom & Room)
45minΒ No discount

$50 Β Cancellation fee Whether any reason

Girlfriend experience (GFE), Kissing-deep (DFK), Oral-without condom (BBBJ)
69 sex style, Massage, Lesbian, Cat-bath, Deep Throat, Kissing With Tongues
Analingus = licking/sucking the anus (AR), FJ-Fuck, BJ-Blow Job, Kissing
closed lips, Bath Using Tongue, Fingering-Finger Fuck, Sticking It Into Throat,
Come-On-Body, Cum-On face, Cum-On-Breasts, Toys, Intercourse-Oral
LTR-Long term Relationship, Costumes Boosting Sex Appeal, Painting,
Oral-CIM, HJ (Hand job), Frenching, Threesome, Swallowing & etc…


8 thoughts on “DF.T”

  1. Leahtr Leahtr says:

    Beautiful girls who like to massage more than exercise, then the place to go. It is popular now. Mood and she will carry a hat. Then she ride me like a wild cowgirl charged for a few positions and it looks like she will enjoy it. Finally done with it and it was sweet.

    Looks: 9/10 (Same as photos beautiful)
    Body: 9/10 (Tall, Fair and Sexy Boobs)
    BBBJ: 10/10 (Great, licking to nearly cum)
    Fj: 9/10 (Responsive and blow your mind)

  2. JDEE says:

    Great! Personality is also just happy you can try me confirm will a good memmorieher pussy is filled with water and her face is filled with shiokness and handles what she can find. over all for me 9/10 love her

    Look:Very cute 8/10
    Speak-emglish:Yes 10/10
    Skin: 9/10 Smooth Silk
    Ass: 8/10 good for doggie
    Pussy: 6/10 View sort of applications.

  3. Christophere Christophere says:

    Today finished work .. feeling tight wallet, so decided to go to the budget, find a girl in the room she robbed and wow, her nature is quite high. Not fat and long legs with a waistline around the waist. The bottom is slightly flat though. The best thing is the room only for fucking.

    Boobs: 7/10 Soft
    BJ: 7/10 Heavy Work
    FJ: 7/10 fairly tight
    FJ 9/10 supports and really treats you like her.
    GFE 9/10 Really great, I’ll explain more below.

  4. Roaringuy Roaringuy says:

    The action started after Bathe Catbath while she was doing licking her hand, slowly moving down to grab my didi and stroke it slowly and gently. My hand also moved up to the pussy. She slowly, then just her fingers when she was wet, then she was BBBJ me while still reminding me what she liked, so I disappeared during the session and could give her something to like. Her BBBJ was heaven. !

    Looks like: 8/10 did not make me stray at first. But finally grew up with me. Looks a bit more pictures. But her short body makes her look cute.
    Boobs: 7/10 D’s amazing D shoes, which fit your hands perfectly together with slender tits, show through her shirt, make me have him just look.
    Boobs: 8/10 touch and lick
    BBBJ has a good 7/10 slow and steady catbath.

  5. Caitlinop Caitlinop says:

    She asked if I wanted her to clean me and of course I said yes. She gave me a thorough wash. She said she was shy. She is a cheerful and cheerful girl and we have a great session. Her massage is good and she asked me politely HJ during FJ and she was so wet and lamented. I can not hold the weight for long and explode.

    Face: 9/10 Beautiful and lovely
    Body: Slim and petite
    GFE: 7/10 Talking but not really professional GF
    Tits: big

  6. Bastien Bastien says:

    I have managed to find this girl very mature and very, very well indeed for just 10-15 minutes using her single BBBJ mouth, well tempting and wet with proper sucking. She started licking her legs up to my danger zone and slowly slurping her mouth whimping little by mouth without using her hands at all until he was awake. BBBJ took only 10-15 minutes using BBBJ’s single mouth. She is very seductive and wet with proper sucking.

    Body: 9/10 Very sexy, smooth skin, pretty breasts, pretty buttocks
    Boobs: 8/10 cup C, tilt overturned brown
    Ar: 7/10 Too powerful to my liking. Like slow and gentle.
    Bbbj: 7/10 like slow, gentle and wet print
    Fj.: 9.5 / 10 people can do a lot of positions.

  7. Zanderly Zanderly says:

    All natural services are one of a kind, from head to toe; She treats me like a king. And with her ability to talk in English we talked while. Legs massage a little and fast enough that her hands go straight to my little brother and she starts rubbing it while we spoon. Navigate my hand to her boob and turn us away.

    Character 9/10: Ding Ding has a pretty fairy face, the quality of the movie star.
    BBBJ: 8/10 weak but exciting Think she needs to brush her strategy.
    FJ: 9/10 Great accommodation … finished in doggie
    GFE: 7/10 bonking

  8. Hannahh Hannahh says:

    I decided to book. For a session after randomly choosing my goals there and to determine how well she was there, it became a cool session.

    View: 8/10, CFM a little for me
    Body: 8/10 have tight body and firm ass
    Boobs: 7.5 / 10, cups
    FJ FJ: 8/10 Shot just once for me tight and fresh.
    Fingering: try

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