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Oh April 14, 2019 at 1:33 am

This is the first time I try, she is a cute little girl that looks very naive. The overall session is really good. She is willing to learn and willing to please. Hope that the brother here will take good care of her.

Fj: 7/10 She is quite helping her. Wow, she has a good ass to have a dog style after Fj.
See 9/10 white skin Thai girls
Body 8/10, thin, quite tall and has a really big chest for her.
My 8/10 service experience She is quite ok I think I learned from here.


Gobi April 15, 2019 at 3:57 am

Trying to feed by bbj … Fair doggie deal and missionary. The second shot, my sweat fell all over her body. After 25 minutes, she pulled me into the bathroom and bbbj until I entered her mouth.

Body: 7/10
Boobs: 6/10 Cup B
Catbath: 7/10
Too Frenching: 8/10


Jie April 16, 2019 at 1:52 am

Soak up the overall body massage experience. My touch is the healing of feelings. She has flat eyes Round nose, which makes her look good overall. She has very little makeup and has long black hair strands. She is quite fair and has smooth skin.

Boobs – 7/10 cups with big tits She was tickled when it was licked.
Playing in front – 7/10. Rubbing according to standards. There are BBBJ in the shower which is amazing. There is also a fool massage in the shower.
Catbath – 8/10 very often, from head to toe, backwards There are many tongue and suction, very relaxing.
Frenching – 9/10 Yes


Ter April 17, 2019 at 1:26 am

She has a cute face rather than a cute face, especially with a hairstyle. She can really BBBJ you when you make her feel good. Feeling naughty. I tried to gamble … Wow … It didn’t take long before I felt the accumulation in my son and when I squeezed and played with her tits, she let sexy and CFM moan while I shot the best! !!

HJ: 8.5 / 10 (one of the best HJs I’ve ever had)
FJ: 7/10 Try
Kiss: 8/10
Frenching: 9/10


Ver April 21, 2019 at 9:38 am

The right spot instead of just a gimmick “Going down and moving down.” She is a typical, open and revealing person about their feelings. Tend to speak quite loudly. She started my little brother HJ to wake him up and flicked BBBJ … I changed into a missionary followed by a passionate dog I have to share the correct way for her with France.

HJ: (8.5 / 10) Know how to touch my penis.
BBBJ: (9/10) makes no sense of scraping teeth Sufficient suction at the right spot to simulate you
FJ: (8/10)
Attitude: (8/10) Excellent customer service attitude
GFE: (7/10) OK, try


Bena April 23, 2019 at 9:12 am

She over licked my shaft, she over sucked it all into her mouth and started her hard BBBJ. She sucked and licked like she enjoyed every minute, rotating around that my didi head licked the front and rear axles of I and my deep throat from time to time! I told her that I still wanted her taste because I was going to shoot every time from her. Don’t stop bbbj and I had to distract myself. She played with 69 divisions. Here is where she shines!

CAT-BATH – 7.8 / 10 She licked me from the back, forward and used both of her hands to stimulate my erotic zone.
FRENCHING – 7.8 / 10 Attractive and very seductive … Again, I like fashion that is seductive and seductive … like kissing fans.
AR-8/10 in Heaven! Try her and you’ll know what I mean here …
BBBJ – 8/10 Great! She alternates with the BBBJ half-neck to the deepest neck. Then I put her on her back and her mouth was fucking her.


Ple April 24, 2019 at 9:09 am

In general, she gave me to lie in bed after showering a little bath. Hyunjoong, I would give me a lot and wear my hat and start riding me. Pushing her into a doggy style and providing treatment with birch Her lament became louder and more loud. I went to her and made a missionary and released the semen army.

See: 7/10 (her makeup is still beautiful for me)
Body: 8/10 (tall and thin)
Boob: 8/10 (big tits but not stable and hard And touching)
Legs: 8/10
BBBJ: 6/10 (doing deep throat)


Poee April 26, 2019 at 9:29 am

She gave me a short massage at my back. Then put water into her mouth, she licked me back. She is ready to bbbj me. She tries to deepthroat me but is managed just half way. My dick is quite big and thick. She has no problem with the average size of the male penis.

Image: 7/10
boobs: 8/10, about B
Shower bbbj: 7/10 yes
bbbj: 9/10 Yes

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